Pheromones…PHeroMonES….. PHEROMONES!!!!!

Pheromones…PHeroMonES….. PHEROMONES!!!!!

Pheromones…PHeroMonES….. PHEROMONES!!!!!

No, not the Season Nine competitor from RuPauls Drag Race, she spells it different!!!

But a big science-y sounding word, am I right? I promise even my C- in high school biology self can understand and LOVE this addition to my life. First off, a good old Wikipedia definition for you: “A pheromone is a secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in
members of the same species.”

 Our minds are pretty cool things, when presented with pheromones, the response is always happy chemicals. Luckily for us the world of romance and science has come together. High amounts of natural scents are sure have a positive impact on you, your partner, or even costumers! Many servers and dancers swear by pheromone infused perfumes.

From our Coochy shave creams and scents, to Dona message oils and candles, we’ve got plenty of options here at Mystique. My favorite happens to be these small bottles of Pure Instinct

We sell at the front register at Mystique Lingerie. I love the smell and my partner loves it on me!

-Charlotte Williamson

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