Couples Connection Massage Class

Couples Connection Massage Class

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Bring more intention into the touch in your relationship with your next fun date night at Mystique Lingerie. In a world where we are often disconnected and overwhelmed, the art of safe and intimate ( non-sexual) touch through massage offers a profound way to get back in touch with ourselves and our partner. Come spend a fun date night with an experienced Massage Therapist!
This experience is about healing, nurturing and fostering deep connections. Join us on the journey to intimate exploration with therapeutic and transformative benefits of this beautiful practice.
Stress Reduction
Self- Awareness
Guided Experience
Respect & Boundaries
Comfort & Ease
At Love intentionally, we blend counseling and couching to help committed couples design, implement, and sustain a conscious relationship rooted in depth, intimacy, intentionality, and a strategic life plan.
Angela & James W Mitchell
Co-founders, Love Intentionally
Designing Intentional Relationships
Everyone is welcome: our in-store / online events are well attended by an incredibly diverse audience. When we say that everyone is welcome, we mean it! People of all genders, orientations, ages (18 and older)