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Mod Curve - Blue

Mod Curve - Blue

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Embark on a journey of intense arousal with the Mod Curve, a masterfully designed dual vibrating teaser that redefines the boundaries of personal pleasure. This innovative massager is tailored for those who seek a fusion of power and sophistication in their intimate experiences, promising a deeply immersive sensation with every use.

The heart of this elegant massager lies in its 10 speeds of intense vibration. Each setting offers a unique level of intensity, ensuring a customized experience that adapts to your every mood and desire. Whether you're in search of a delicate flutter or a deep, resonant pulse, it delivers with precision and ease, making every encounter unique and fulfilling.

Crafted from Liquid Silicone, it's not just about pleasure but also comfort and durability. This premium material is softer and smoother than traditional silicone, and being waterproof with an IPX7 rating, it invites exploration in a variety of settings, broadening the scope of your pleasure pursuits. The advanced memory chip is a notable feature, resuming on the last speed used, offering convenience in your exploration.

Designed with accessibility and privacy in mind, it includes a security travel lock, activated by a three-second hold, ensuring discretion during your travels. USB rechargeable and complete with a charging cord, it offers a full charge in just 2 hours. Once charged, enjoy 60 minutes of high-intensity pleasure or extend your experience with 100 minutes on a lower setting. Elevate your sensory experiences with the deeply satisfying Mod Curve.

10 speeds of vibration
Liquid silicone
USB rechargeable
Dual vibration teasers for intense arousal
Memory chip resumes on last function used
Travel lock features
Easy push button

2.75" x 3.25" (7 cm x 8.25 cm)
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